Regional charter operator based in Singapore
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Safety is the number one priority for our owners. The fractional industry in the USA and Europe has the highest safety record within general aviation. EJA offers top of the line, well-maintained equipment, staffed by seasoned, highly trained personnel. Our owners will enjoy a safe flying experience, as well as peace of mind.


Our fleet will consist of aircraft, equipped with Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) and the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) and Reduced Vertical Seperation Minimum (RVSM) and will meet the stringent requirements of the regulatory authorities for public transport. Scheduled maintenance will be done at the manufacturer's appointed Cessna Citation Service Centers. And as much as possible aircraft within our fleet will have near similar specifications so that the cockpits are identical, maximizing pilots' familiarity with the controls.

Operations Center

The EJA team consists of licensed dispatchers, chief pilots, program managers and support staff - professionals who put safety first. They work together to ensure aircraft performance is met for each trip, monitor flights in progress and also track airport conditions at trip destinations to ensure landing clearance. EJA flight management system enables our Operations Center team to plan and monitor our Owners' trips for maximum safety and comfort.


EJA pilots are well experienced and undergo a rigorous screening process before selection. Each is type-rated to fly one of our aircraft, and we always fly with two pilots in the cockpit. All EJA pilots, whether captains or first officers, are trained and checked to a level of proficiency required for a pilot-in-command and are required to complete a program of recurrent ground training annually. They are additionally trained in CPR, first aid and safety.